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1666 – Founding of Piscataway

They called their purchase New Piscataqua, after Piscataqua County, an area lying between Maine and New Hampshire.  They founded the township of Piscataway for the purpose of colonization and a provision of the deed required the speedy settlement of the territory. In addition to their own families the associates brought numerous other families from Piscataqua, in New Hampshire (now Maine) as well as other areas of New England. In 1677, the area that became the village of Piscataway was purchased from two Indian Sachems, Canackawack and Thingorawis.

Up until the 1680’s nearly all the settlers came from New England or from Long Island. After the death of Sir George Carteret and the sale of East Jersey in England by his trustees in 1682, the original settlers began to be joined by those coming directly from the Old World. Most of the new residents were representatives and servants of the 24 new landholder Proprietors, most of who remained in England. The new Proprietors confirmed the same liberal terms granted by Carteret and Berkeley. This migration brought thousands of settlers to the shores of New Jersey.

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