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If you have a question about membership in our Society or for non-membership-related inquiries, please use the form below, and someone will contact you shortly. Thank you!

Become a Member! Join others who share New Jersey’s earliest roots!


Descendants of Founders of New Jersey welcome to membership any adult woman or man, 18 years of age or older, who can document descent from a founder of New Jersey prior to 17 April 1702 in any area which is now in the State of New Jersey, and who subscribes to the objectives of the society. The application fee is $25, and Life Membership is $125. Members are entitled to document supplemental lineages for $30 each.

A list of qualifying ancestors documented so far as a basis for membership can be found in our eBook or our online database. However, the list is not comprehensive. Thousands of other founders of New Jersey await interested descendants to document and share their stories. Check our publication Founders of New Jersey: First Settlements, Colonists, and Biographies by Descendants, Third Edition, or our online database on this website for further New Jersey genealogy leads.

Membership Benefits

  • Members of the Descendants of Founders of New Jersey maintain an active connection to their early New Jersey roots from near or far.

  • Members can discover family relationships through our forthcoming “members only” area.

  • Members can share or expand the stories of their ancestors through our publications.

  • Members enjoy presentations from entertaining and informative expert speakers at society meetings.

  • Members have access to the society’s growing historical and genealogical database.

  • Members have the opportunity to contribute to the documentation of the history of New Jersey. 


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